About Bharat Samaj Vikas Trust

Bharat Samaj Vikas Trust is a non profitable organization which works for the well being of society. We do this through well – planned and comprehensive programs in health, education and social work. Our foundation focuses on the welfare of each person from every corner of the world. We are on a mission to provide extra support to unprivileged people by providing them educational recourses, essential skills and a healthy lifestyle. Moreover Bharat Samaj Vikas Trust is working to create an inclusive society in order to make this planet a better place to live.

What we are offering?


Bharat Samaj Vikas Trust also works in the health field dealing with significant health issues. We promote health rights and organize health campaigns to aware people about the importance of a healthy lifestyle. We strongly believe that health is an investment, not expense. That is why we are working to make our population healthy because a healthy outside starts from the inside.


Bharat Samaj Vikas Trust is working in the field of education to prove students quality learning. We seek financial assistance for children who are struggling to study. Moreover, we guide students to choose a right career and make a bright future. As Bharat Samaj Vikas Trust has step into the field and working so actively to change the motion of the helpless people. The best way to predict your future is to create it, that is why we emphasis on high-quality by sponsoring or providing them scholarship facilities and our motto is to provide students those dreams free of cost which has become costly nowadays

Social Work

We work for the welfare of society in the field of Health, Education and Social Work. We are working to support unprivileged people by providing them healthy lifestyle and by bracing them financial assistance moreover we are also working towards restoring forests by planting trees for the conservation of biodiversity. Come take a step with us to make our planet a better place to live.